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Photo Galleries not working due to redesign!

11th October 2004

I have reluctantly taken the photo galleries down for a bit of a rethink and a redesign. All of the pics will be back up, along with at least 100 unseen images! Bear with me...

Big old piles of stone and a camel called Whiskey.

Uploaded 15th July 2004

New pictures uploaded. Why not take a look? Oh yeah, you probably have work to do, ha ha. That was a bit harsh of me. Sorry.

Lots of new things, woo hoo.

Uploaded 7th July2004

New pictures uploaded of Tunisia (go straight to the 7th gallery) and of a traditional Muslim Bedouin wedding. I have made a video montage of my time so far in Tunisia here, too. Email me if you feel particularly strongly that the vid is good or rubbish. Have a click round if you're killing time at work, as there are some other small bits and bobs.

More images uploaded...

Uploaded 27th June 2004

Follow these links and you will find some new image galleries of Tunisia, some more images of the local flora and fauna (including exciting geology) and a gallery dedicated to the people who have been putting up with me...

First Pics!

Uploaded 11th June 2004

Here are the pictures I've taken so far. There are more, but they are mostly of my feet, the sky, or the inside of my camera case. How did we ever manage before digital? Anyway, am eating BBQ goat, probably. Hope you like the pics, more soon when I find some bandwidth.

Show me Pan-Med 2004 so far!

Random Images & new Bike pics

Uploaded 4th May 2004

I have decided (with a little advice) that the site is a little sterile, and needs more pictures of me (or at least pictures that mean something to me). This gallery will grow over time. Bike stuff is graphics (woo hoo!) and shiny new bits.

Show me the pictures of various things.
Nah, the bike's more interesting.

Images of Landscape

Uploaded 17th March 2004

I have been testing the bike setup, a side effect of which is lots of trail riding. It's great to be able to go to such special places - in this series I was out until the sun went down. By the way, rabbits can run at 34mph. Trust me - I know.

Show me more Isle of Wight...

Images of My Bike

Uploaded 17th March 2004

I have posted some new technical pics, mostly regarding protectors and luggage. There are also a few nice snaps of the XRL standing in rather Tennysonian countryside. Luvvly jubbly. Drop me a line to request tech pics - if I can help, I will.

Check out the pictures.

Images of People

Not Yet Uploaded

A photographic record of the Mediterranean societies I meet en-route.

Nothing yet....

Images of Countries

Not Yet Uploaded

How has Man divided the land? And what differences are there over such contrived borders?

Nothing yet....

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15th July 2004

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