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The beginning of the trauma - I mean adventure

Uploaded 11th June 2004

Bike worked perfectly down through France and the top half of Tunisia. Unfortunately one of the valve seats broke on an easy piste south of Douz. This morning it has been repaired by a local bush mechanic, who welded the aluminium and fitted a new Honda valve seat. I had to have a 2nd hand valve too, as the stem was bent on my old one.

Some new pics here - I was far too stressed to take any of the inside of the head...

Boingy, stickers, and pipes

Uploaded 5th May 2004

As the departure date looms, some more bike mods, including FMF header pipe, electrical socket, and new (heavier) shock spring. The graphics from my sponsors have also been fitted to the bike. Check it out!

Ooh, look - stickers!
Breaking news - Michelin Deserts arrived! Look here and here.

Boxes and Bridleways

Uploaded 17th March 2004

Two new galleries uploaded - have been testing the bike fully-laden on slippery Isle of Wight tracks and trails. Handles like a dream! Also snapped some detailed images of the luggage arrangement, as many of you are interested in how it's done.

Check out pictures.
Luggage here.

Kick start conversion!

Uploaded 15th March 2004

Due to a communication breakdown, these parts didn't find their way into my engine (as I wanted them to). Having a kick start on the XRL is a real bonus, especially for travel in remote regions. Ever tried to bump-start a bike in deep sand?

Check out the pictures.

Running in...

Uploaded 14th March 2004

Following the stress of paying for a completely rebuild and ruggedised engine, there follows 500 miles of running in at maximum 50% revs / 50% throttle. Some interesting other mods too.

Check out the pictures.

First look at the Electric Red Pig

Uploaded 14th March 2004

This is the first time I ever clapped eyes on the XR650L. Before this, I had read about the bike and had almost decided it was the one for me. This viewing confirmed it, and I started saving up.

Check out the pictures.


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