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> Bike Gallery 2: Running-In period

In this gallery, the bike is set up for running-in after the rebuild (note the road tyres and stock silencer), but I have started to set up the dash and chassis protection. Racking is all ready to be refitted. As you can see, some of the running in was off-road.... More very soon.

Uploaded 14th March 2004

The bike in green-laning trim

The new dash from the front

Tail section before racking

Engine, showing features

A closer look at the CRD Absolute sumpguard

Acerbis XR600R frameguard

The location for boxes and racks!

Road-biased tyres - note the sidestand foot.

New cockpit configuration.

More like a Rallye bike every day...

The new dash, with shift light.

Suspended GPS mount on yoke.

Brazed and welded racking.

Racks have loads of bracing.

Passenger footpeg mounts.

Battery box has to fit behind panniers...

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