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Tunisia > Cairo!

Nobody said life was Pharaoh

Well, I lost my patience and headed to Cairo direcly by air. The experience was wholly positive on the Tunisian side. The Egyptian side is like some sort of horrible test of patience. Suffice to say it has now been 5 days of work to get the bike, and it is still in the Customs pound, despite the fact that all of my papers (including Carnet) are in order. When not shuffling between unlabelled offices, I have been snapping a bit more. There are some final pics of Tunisia, too.

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Gallery 6

Ever Increasing Circles.

More desert trips, and I am becoming a bit more experienced and adventurous. Last night I slept in the dunes, and woke to find fresh snake and scorpion tracks all around my sleeping bag. This morning at 5am I accompanied Mohammed and his mates on a hunting trip with their scooters and Sloughis (Tunisian hunting dogs that are just like greyhounds).

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Gallery 5

More snaps from on the road, man.

Reading the last one makes me laugh - so naive! Visa still not here, probably going to fly instead (gets me back on schedule and skips Libya altogether).

I have been cruising the desert for a week or two, camping and giving the odd bike lesson. Thanks again for emails and messages! Latest pictures are here and here, and I have added more beastie pictures.

Gallery 4

Tunisia in picture form, oh yes.

At the moment I'm staying in Douz (camping), awaiting the delivery of my Libyan visa on the 15th in Sfax. I've been able to process a few more of the snaps from the last few days - hope you like them - email me if you do!

Check out the pictures here and here, shamoon.

I have discovered that all sorts of nasty animals live in Tunisia!

Gallery 3

Tunisia contd.

Finally! Some proper Saharan motorcycling... After a couple of days at Gafsa (at the very basic Khalfallah), I headed south to Douz (where I met the dunes and immediately had a bike problem) and then the isolated oasis at Ksar Ghilane before Chenini, Tataouine and a very close meeting with the coast at the Libyan frontier town of Ben Guerdane.

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Gallery 2

Tunisia so far (3 days)

Waiting for 48 hours in Tunis for them to clear my GPS, then driving through drizzle (!!) to Hammamet and Nabeul. Further south to Sousse on the only toll motorway in the country (amazing). After staying with the Prime Minister's nephew (also amazing), it was time to head inland to Kairouan, and the arid region of the Chott el Jerid, south of Gafsa. Weather has been pretty miserable but mercifully cool (only about 28-30 degrees).

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Gallery 1

The trip to and through France

From London to the Isle of Wight, then Cherbourg and Nantes, Bordeaux and the Dordoigne, before cutting across the Riviera from Montpellier to Marseille. Alternating between hot and sunny and humid with thunder storms. Was very glad I didn't have knobbly tyres on the bike, and also really appreciated my Dad's company.

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