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> Tunisia, the last day. And Egypt...

I spent my last night in Tunisia with Yassine and Mohammed in the desert. We made a fire and attempted to catch baby animals to skin and cook (just kidding). We made tea, chatted, and made some more tea. The desert sunrise is lovely, but personally I would have preferred it a few hours later.

After being sent nearly mad by Egyptian beaurocracy (no joke - it is mind-boggling) I popped over to Giza to look at the 9 pyramids closest to Cairo. For trivia buffs they are Cheops, Chepren, Mycerinus, and a further six small "Queen's Pyramids". Normally going into the compound isn't allowed after dark but the fence isn't quite complete, ahem.

Uploaded 15th July 2004

Relaxing with tea as the vipers close in...

Go-anywhere bikes.

Yassine and a fool in a cheche.

Teapot on the embers.

Keep warm and scare away beasties.

A picture of night - it gets pretty dark!.

Taking photos while driving.

The 4am commute back to town.

Sunrise over the scrub.

Relaxing, half way to Tunis.

The geographer in me liked this cliff...

The bike waits for the flight, Tunis.

How far before reserve?

As you approach Giza, they appear!

Beautiful, and huge.

Approaching from the empty desert (forbidden?)

Can you see all 9? They're there...

Just look.

Cheops; Sphinx guards the causeway.

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