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These are some of the people I've met in Tunisia so far. Some others have been impossible to photograph without being insensitive - having spent some time with a Berber family, chatting and taking tea (with water from goatskin guerbas, yuck), nothing alienates and underlines differences like a shiny Sony camera! One hardened traveller told me I'm worrying too much and I should just "snap them", but all the same I have found it difficult..

Uploaded 27th June 2004

Tarek, Kairouan.

Touareg horseman, Ksar Ghilane.

Idhi, the baker at Ksar Ghilane.

Degnish, Chenini.

Mustafa and Boubaker.

"Charles", Ksar Ghilane.

Hejimi, Ksar Ghilane.

Bartering in the souk.

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