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Being on the road will probably be a bit lonely (although there will be times when I have to travel in convoy), and I can see how it could be depressing at times. Why not drop me an email and brighten my day? I will try to collect and send emails whenever possible.



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I'm studying at University College London for my Ph.D, within the Geography Department. My work focuses on the Social and Economic Value of Earth Observation Data - typically, ways of assessing the usefulness of satellite images. I am in my second year.

I ride a Honda XR650L (2000) and a Honda RC31 Bros 650 (1989). In my spare time I like eating and sleeping, and I also have a go at off-roading. I worked as a courier for a while in London, and would consider bike handling and observation as my least weak points. I am the point of contact for sponsorship enquiries, press information, or other technical help. I maintain this website.

I attempt to speak French, Spanish and Arabic. During this trip I will use aerial photography and satellite imagery for navigation, with a view to sharing my maps upon my return (look here and here for examples). I like crisp mornings and good quality newspapers. Oh, and food. Lots of food. Often.

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In case you need to contact me about the site. Material presented herein is original text and photography. Please don't steal it! If I have unwittingly used something you own, drop me a line and I can either give you a proper credit or take your material down. OK Nicky - I come clean - I pinched a couple of Touratech promo shots, but I'm sure you don't mind....

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Janos Bajusz -

It would be a pleasure to send you a postcard from Libya - is there anywhere else you are missing?

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Thanks due to Paul Gowan -

The RAC Carnet man. He's been really helpful and informative. Hopefully there will be no problem with my application (except for finding the money!)

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Andrew (OB) at Aquapac -

Thanks for all your help and support mate.

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Pietro Spera -

A man with very good taste in travel destinations, and one of the few people who have been to (almost) all of the countries I am going to, also by bike. It was great to meet up in London and I am planning to use the notes I made!

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Sari Travel (Tripoli) -

Thank you for the complete and useful information and details you have provided for me. Have a look at their website! I will post prices etc soon. Cheers Suleiman!

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