> This is the troubleshooting page

Here, I will be able to post messages, and test new page features (such as counters and dynamic graphics subroutines). If you can see this, you're either nosey or I've asked you to take a look.


Fixing photo gallery pages and perhaps linking to external gallery.
Integrating / hosting Wright Bagwell tech material.
Basic scripts for updating news / photos?
Zooming of images as a rollover for bike close-ups.

Currently in beta

Within-Site search function

May replace or remain in addition to the Google search to the lower-right.

Site search:

Nothing else!

My ultra-subtle counter and stats package appears to be working well (look in the footer). It now tracks unique visitors, not reloads.
Thankfully not much to go here at the moment, but keep an eye on my cute "traffic light" area to the right for details of how the site's doing. OK?







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16th Jan 2008

When I was struggling to make the site work I uploaded a placemarker for non-functional images. Now I have to restore links and fix images by hand, so it's taking a while. This is because the directory structure has changed. Hopefully all will be well soon, but I can only spend about an hour per day doing this, so it may take a little time.

11th June 2004

Out on the road, and it has proved almost impossible to update the site from here in Tunisia. This is primarily because of a nationwide ban on FTP connections from public Internet locations. Eventually I sussed the technology and am uploading via my mobile and friendly people's telephone lines, at a speed od 16kbps -ish and a cost of a lot per minute.

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19th March 2004

Some browsers (appears to be certain builds of IE6 / XP) don't like the coding of my photo galleries. This stops thumbnails from displaying. Stylesheet for R/H column is also a bit wobbly on XP (although I have only checked it on one machine - might not be a universal problem). Any ideas, techy people?

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10th March 2004

Would like in-site meta-search (see left) to highlight the target words in the results pages.

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3rd March 2004

Thanks to troubleshooting visitors, a couple of issues have been flagged up. One was a poor display of frames in 800x600 resolution. I will resize some pics to reduce this problem for now. The other was the illogical format of the news page; has now been inverted, so that newest is at the top. Anything else, feel free to let me know. :-)

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28th February 2004

Sorted a few uploading gremlins. Mostly to do with absolute links to local files (how stupid). Have repaired everything for now, but will have to keep an eye out, and link things relatively from now on.

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