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I was very lucky to be invited to a traditional Bedouin Muslim marriage ceremony. The party goes on for five days, and culminates with forklor; a party of camel tricks, horseriding and music for dancing.

One of the highlights was the procession of the bride through the village. She was taken on camelback to the mosque. After a circuit of the compound, we returned to the family home accompanied by singing and music.

Uploaded 5th July 2004

Tunisian beer. And Amor.

Preparing for the evening.

Kids ruined this photo of a spotlight..

The uncle of the groom.

Money in the cheche of the band leader.

Spot the groom's mother and grandmother.

The sound of Tam-Tam drums echoes through the streets!

The bride, aboard the "Jihfa", a special camel.

The bride's hand.

Everybody arrives for the party.

The groom, with a bystander.

Local guys prepare for horseriding stunts...

Touareg (white) camels.

This is very dangerous - don't try it at home.

Look, no hands!.


The hands of the bride, decorated with Henna & jewellery.

The extended family dance in the street.

Pain de Sable, unleavened bread baked in the ashes.

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