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28th April 2004

Taking photos of dogs...

I know I just missed a pun opportunity (snapping dogs), but nobody would have laughed, so it was probably better to not mention it.

Sorry for the update hiatus. So little time!

Alas, I don't feel ready. Am stressed, and acupuncture didn't help. Jabbing needles? Relaxing?

Thanks to Nick at ABE for the help, and Paul Gowan at the RAC for some sage advice about Iran. Pictures and more goodies this weekend.

7th April 2004

Work, work, work!

April's come round too quickly... Bike fork springs (finally) upgraded, although the kit arrived decades ago. I also may have an ex-Dakar Rallye rear spring soon. Fitted the Yoshimura exhaust, yum. Added embassy notes, and updated other dox.

29th March 2004

Another micro-update

Have been working extra-hard on critical College stuff, so not much time at the moment. Physio on wrist is going well. Engine due for 500-mile service tomorrow. Added some new links. Libyan visa still on-track. Am skint. Again.

24th March 2004

Small update

Have been working pretty hard on academic stuff this week. I fractured my scaphoid bone so typing's slow (bad news). Added kit and electrical sections to Tech - more soon. Thanks for looking. Suspension work tomorrow. Welding too!

19th March 2004

Slight gallery glitch

Made a some Lexan bits - pics soon. Noticed that some image galleries have missing links, for some people (but not most - look here). I'm working on a fix, so if you had that problem, please click here.

17th March 2004

Uploaded more snaps

No pics for ages, then I go all snap-happy. IOW nature here, the bike out and about, and pics of my aluminuim boxes. Took some photos by request, too (for you Craig). Bad news? Wrist's taking ages to heal. Bought some Lexan riot shield today - more on that in a day or two.

15th March 2004

More material now online!

Woo Hoo! Made photo galleries live - start here. Tidied nav bar, fixed contact page, and removed a million liks to my very cool page where you can sign up for updates! Thanks to all who have got in touch. MAJOR new sponsor coming up (clue in the footer)...

14th March 2004

Wow, what a fast week!

Still recuperating from my trip down the road. Achy and sore but nothing's broken (except my bike). Sorry for lack of updates. I did do some fiddling (added some pictures of broken XRL bits to the tech page) in the week. Am writing a big update offline, to be posted up soon!

12th March 2004

Collected the bike!

Oh happy day! Had a 50mph running-in ride from Tunbridge Wells to the Isle of Wight though, in horizontal sleet. Welcome home XRL. Taking suggestions on a name...

7th March 2004

My Valium Sunday

Got knocked off my other motorbike by a crazy u-turning driver (the bike before and a sample of after - 1, 2, 3) - nothing's broken but I'm black and blue and my kit's ruined. Wrote up the story so far on the XR.. Most critically, introduced my new sponsor, Cyclone Courier Company and added the option to SUBSCRIBE!

5th March 2004

Sorted errors, some extra goodies in the pipeline.

I've had visitors from as far afield as Libya, Egypt, Australia and Thailand. Finally sorted the website address -may want to refresh your bookmarks. Background image changed. Major behind-the-scenes reshuffle to make updates easier and to prepare for photos. Thanks VD tech people! Made hyperlinks more obvious.

3rd March 2004

Staggered by the number of hits - thanks everyone.

Tinkering again... Added comments to the message area and altered the debug page to reflect work-in-progress. Uploaded maps into Route section; some need updating. Added more information re: ferries and Motorail. Tidied up homepage mission statement (at the bottom) and fixed footer information throughout site. Some tidying of links page graphics (for you Twids!) although not solved the problem altogether..

1st March 2004

Uploading continues. Day 1 of the live site!

The stylesheet-based design is amazingly bandwidth-efficient, as well as being very cross-platform portable. The site has been checked with most browsers. If you find something that doesn't look right, email me and I will try and fix it. Oh, also put up a debug / beta page. Still haven't sorted the hosting properly, but that's up the them to fix.

27-29th Feb 2004

Migrating content from overloaded UCL servers.

Time to begin the process of completing the new site. Thanks very much to a great web designer and mate of mine, Robert Hall, the actual design of the site is ace. Over the next few weeks, I will be uploading pages about the prep of the bike, and what I've done so far. The only thing I won't do is work out how much this escapade has cost - far too scary!

20th Feb 2004

Domain Name and Hosting done!

Finally, after literally years of planning, the PanMed project has it's own space on the World Wide Web! An exciting day for all concerned (so me then). It's good news for me that the dollar is so weak at the moment; it's worked out much cheaper than I thought.

1st Jun 2003

I do the right thing and get professional help.

I had been fighting with a website idea for a while. And then it occurred to me that web design might be one of the many things I cannot do. Robert and I discussed the brief, and threw some ideas around. This is the result. At around the same time I start to research the logistics of my proposed route. Problems initially appear to be Libya in general and the Carnet de Passages en Douanes.

07:15ish 3rd Jan 2003

I wake up one morning with a crazy idea.

The germ of an idea takes root, and I start looking into "Adventure Motorcycling". The rumble of approaching huge debts can just be heard over the horizon. I start to buy things, and work a bit harder on developing my enduro skills. Also start to think about spannering the bike - can I do it?


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