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Heading south from Bahariya, the oases of Dakhla and Kharga seperated me from Luxor and the Nile valley. Weird geology dominates this region, and there are areas of desert dominated by white and black minerals, a hundred kilometers apart. It's not advised to go far from the road unaccompanied in these places, so I joined a pair of Land Cruisers for a day or two, and we had a good look around. Incredible places, empty of the interferences of humanity.

From the Black and White Deserts I headed even further south (actually as far as you're allowed to go without special permits). It was an eye-opener to look across the Great Sand Sea towards the Gilf Kebir and Sudan. I had some GPS waypoints for prehistoric rock-art sites, but was disappointed to find that modern "artists" had also visited, in some cases scratching their names over the top of very old, stylised birds and antelopes. A shame. Finally I arrived at Luxor, and the Nile.

Uploaded 13th August 2004

The White Desert.

Very odd place, like another planet.

Rare desert foxes (fenecs).

Alone in the Western Desert.

The Black Desert.

The entrance to Wadi Hitan.

My convoy - we travelled together.

Mud bricks are still used in the oases...

Prehistoric rock art lines the caravan routes.

More ancient graffiti (Any ideas how old?)

Whoever you are, I hope you're proud. Idiot.

Cartouche featuring scarab.

What a place for a puncture!

The Nile, from Luxor.

A fishing trip on the Nile!

Horus watches over Karnak.

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