Clicking on certain bits of the map will take you to the gallery pages for that region. There are now seven for Tunisia, with about 110 images. In most browsers you can see which gallery you're going to get by looking in the bottom-left of the window or hovering a bit. If you can't click on a bit of Tunisia, I either haven't been there or it was dull. You can use your "back" button to return here. Let me know if it works OK (or if you think it's hella lame) and I will make pages like this for the other countries.

I should thank Tony Hart for teaching me to draw to this standard.


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Gallery 1; Tunis to Tozeur More of Gallery 1 The piste south and east of Ksar Ghilane Chenini to the Libyan Frontier (grr) Ah, the deep blue Med! Playing in and around Douz Ksar Ghilane and Matmata Desert trips north of the Matmata Road